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COVID-19 | Tobacco use, E-cigarettes, Vaping

What you should know

Early research indicates smoking cigarettes can increase the risk of complications from COVID-19. Smoking weakens the immune system, increases the risk of infectious diseases and respiratory infections, and is a major cause of chronic health conditions and cancer.1 Quitting smoking means improving lung-health, and reducing the risk of complications from the virus.

What about vaping?

There is growing evidence that vaping can harm lung health.1,2 However, it is unknown whether vaping alone impacts the effect of COVID-19. Quitting smoking and vaping will help the lungs be as healthy as possible to fight this virus.

Patients most at-risk

Those with underlying health issues, such as heart or lung problems, may have increased risk for serious complications from COVID-19. This includes people who smoke and/or vape tobacco or nicotine-containing products.2

Information surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic is changing frequently. For the latest information, please visit the CDC's website.

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Last updated 2/17/2021 9:21 AM
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